Michael Chapiro December 16, 2019

Aletheia 2: Uncovering a >$360,000 Consumer Product Biohacking Scam

So I started looking at all the different devices that were available for magnetic and direct current stimulation. In that process I stumbled across an Indiegogo campaign for a transcranial magnetic device, which looked very interesting. There were many positive reviews, the device looked svelte and easy to use, and they mentioned having randomized controlled trials verifying the efficacy.

I became less interested after looking at their primary reference paper, since despite the statistical significance mentioned the effect sizes were tiny.

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Michael Chapiro December 09, 2019

Aletheia from the Fountain Portal #1

Thank you for joining Fountain Portal. You can also read this newsletter in a collapsible tree format on Roam Research, which will eventually become a knowledge graph that allows you to explore all research from prior newsletters through bi-directional links.

The anchor content of this newsletter is links to recent research studies, with a sentence or two summary. Occassionally a bit of additional commentary may be included. Whereas most medicine in use today is based on either the mechanical or the biochemical, this newsletter will focus on the photonic, thermal, and electromagnetic.

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