Lux Vital: Opsin Activation + RLT

Dive into a wellness experience like never before. Drawing inspiration from the brilliance of the sun, we introduce to you the Lux Vital - The first truly wide-band light therapy tool. Activate your nonvisual photoreceptor systems. Opsin 3, Opsin 4, & Opsin 5 stimulation + wide band red & near infrared. The ultimate light therapy device. Experience the feeling of sunlight, all year.

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Advanced Opsin Activation & Broad Spectrum Red/NIR

Designed in the same form factor as our Ironforge & D-Light devices, the Lux Vital uniquely stimulates non-visual opsins (OPN3, OPN4, OPN5 AKA neuropsin, melanopsin, and encephalopsin) with Cyan and Deep Violet tones (485nm, 405nm, 385nm) while offering a wide range of NIR and Red light (1050nm to 630nm) for deep tissue rejuvenation and general wellness, the Lux Vital represents the cutting edge of photobiomodulation.

Tech Specs:

LED Wavelengths:

  • 1050nm NIR 5 watt
  • 935nm NIR 5 watt
  • 850nm NIR 10 watt
  • 760nm NIR 10 watt
  • 670nm Deep Red 10 watt
  • 630nm Red 10 watt
  • 485nm Cyan 50 watt (OPN4 Stimulation)
  • 405nm Violet 50 watt (OPN3 & OPN5 Stimulation)
  • 385nm Deep Violet 50 watt (OPN3 Stimulation)

Total Power Output at the Faceplate:


Power Consumption:

~220 Watt


What are Opsins & Why Do They Matter?

Opsins are light-sensitive proteins found all over the body that react to specific wavelengths of light. OPN3, OPN4, and OPN5 are non-visual opsins, meaning they contribute to processes outside of the visual system.

  • OPN3 OPN4 & OPN5 Stimulation: While still understudied, OPN3, OPN4 and OPN5 have been shown to play vital roles in various cellular processes, including circadian rhythm synchronization, hormone secretion, and mood regulation.
  • Red & NIR Light: Red and near-infrared (NIR) light have a rich history of studied therapeutic effects, promoting cellular energy, reducing inflammation, and aiding in tissue repair. When paired with deep violet light, they work synergistically. The combined wavelengths enhance each other's benefits, amplifying cellular responses and furthering positive outcomes.

Embrace the next level of light therapy with Lux Vital, where innovative science meets holistic wellness.

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