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Each portion of the spectrum of light from UV, all the way to Infrared light, has biological effects when applied to the body. The nature of those effects change drastically dependent on the type of light, eg. wavelength, applied. Chroma products use the most beneficial wavelengths of light to produce optimal biological responses for a wide range of effects, benefitting physical performance, skin and beauty, mental and psychological well-being, and more.


UV light-on-skin exposure catalyzes Vitamin D synthesis in the skin, which has a myriad of positive biological effects, including, but not limited to, likely helping fight disease, reduce depression, boost weight loss, promote calcium absorption and bone mineralization, and reduce inflammation. The D-Light is the first ever consumer product made with UVB LEDs, the specific portion of the UV spectrum that leads to Vitamin D synthesis.

Full Spectrum Sky Portal

The sun is extremely bright on the surface of the Earth, even during a cloudy day. Your brain uses that intensity of light as it's main indicator that it is daytime, eg. that it is time to be awake and alert. So, what happens when you live indoors, and the amount of light that is entering your eyes is, on average, 100x less than what enters your eyes during even a cloudy day? We have our hypotheses, but needless to say, it's not good.


Some of the main effects people are interested in with Near-Infrared light are cognitive and sleep enhancements, better looking skin, hypertrophy and faster recovery from physical training, pains/aches, and hair re-growth. Since NIR light works on a mitochondrial level, it is a likely panacea of benefit, considering the prevalence of mitochondria throughout each part of the body.
We've received tons of positive feedback about our products, not to mention the feedback that companies with inferior products have received. But, don't take our word for it. Here's a spreadsheet aggregating over 4000 studies on light therapy (photobiomodulation).


Each device should be used at different times. For instance, the Sky Portal during the day and while working indoors. The D-Light when not receiving enough UVB containing sunlight, say, during the winter. The Ironforge and Near IR Flashlight can generally be used at any time that NIR effects are needed, though too much of any frequency of light in the eyes during nighttime may affect circadian neurology.
Refer to the documentation for each product, but considering our innovations in manufacturing, most of our products require very little time of use relative to other products to receive their full benefit.


It's really up to you and your risk tolerance. NIR light has a bi-phasic dose response, meaning that after a certain point, the beneficial effects lessen. So, if you're getting a ton of sunlight each day, it may not be worth using an Ironforge unless there is a specific injury you're treating, or are using it somewhere that the sun doesn't shine. Same with the D-Light, there is a limit to the amount of Vitamin D that your body can produce in a day, which may limit the efficacy of the D-Light if you're already in a high UV environment for long periods of time. The Sky Portal should always be used when indoors.
Take a look at our Technology page to learn more about how these wavelengths of light affect the body.



Red is the best color for blocking the light that inhibits sleep. That's because it's not just blue light that interferes with our circadian rhythm, as the term 'blue-blockers' would suggest – it's also green light. Specifically, it's light in the melanotic action spectrum of 400-570nm. For more information check out our Technology page for more details on how Carbonshades can help you!
A healthy sleep cycle is vital to the immune system. Blue and green light suppresses melatonin in the brain and keeps the body awake. Carbonshade blocks 99.8% of all harmful blue & green light. This allows your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm to adjust and can positively impact sleep-related grogginess or headaches, and dieting. Please see our Technology page for more details on how Carbonshade protects you from blue light.
Carbonshade glasses are not a direct cure for headaches, however if your headaches are sleep related or screen light related, then you may benefit from this product.

Glasses and Wear

Unfortunately we do not currently offer prescription or reading lenses, however they are certainly on our radar. Please let us know via social media or email, and subscribe to our mailing list so we can let you know if we release them!
These glasses do their best when worn 3-4 hours before bed time. They are intended for indoor-nighttime use only, where they will have the greatest impact.


Carbonshade covers areas where other products cannot. wearing these glasses will protect you from LED from TV's and lights as well, not just laptops and smartphones. The red shades block out 99.8% of the spectrum of blue and green light in the melanopic spectrum that affect the brain, we are the most beneficial, technologically sound option to protect you from blue light.

F.Lux and Night Mode only reduce the amount of blue light shown on a screen, only filtering out 50% of harmful light. (that's 250 times more light that we could protect you from) The F.Lux founder himself, Michael Herf, reviewed Carbonshades and said they were the best blue light blocking option on the market, buy Carbonshades.
Take a look at our Technology page. We cover a lot of the technology and science of blue light and how our Carbonshade glasses can help you.

Shipping and Returns

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed return policy that lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase. Contact us at hello@getchroma.co if you would like to request a return or exchange.
We ship most of our orders from the United States with USPS First Class or Priority Mail to ensure they arrive in as timely a manner as possible. For most orders, we will dispatch your package within two business days of receiving order confirmation, after which it will take 1-3 days to arrive at most US addresses and 3-12 days to arrive at most international addresses.
We ship internationally and try our best to avoid incurring customs fees, but some countries can hold packages until a fee is paid. We cannot control this and you should expect this is possible, although it will be similar for any product you order internationally.
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