What is Chroma?

Chroma is the solution to the technical debt of modern civilization on human health and wellness. Rather than eschew technology, Chroma embraces its necessity. As such, the Chroma strives to answer the following question: how can we most effectively solve the problem of system integration between humans and the modern environment?

Who is Building Chroma?

Michael Chapiro is the founder. Michael is uniquely qualified to address this problem for it is one that relates to building technology at the foundations of performance. After studying materials engineering and mathematics at the California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo, Michael co-founded Mantis Composites where he served as Chief Strategy Officer for 4.5 years. Alongside the other founders, Michael built what we now understand to be the strongest materials in the universe.

Contrary to popular opinion on the narrowness of expertise, the problem of pulling the maximum possible performance from the atoms of the world and enabling humans to reach their natural potential are equivalent for most intents and purposes.

I'm now working on a new aerospace/materials startup, Black Lattice. In addition to the continued advancement of health/wellness technologies, profits will be used to fund Black Lattice so your purchase is contributing to the advancement of the fundamental capabilities of the aviation and space industry.


See our Enterprise page to learn more about the philosophy of our work.

Chroma is the trade name for Advanced Human Engineering LLC