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AI library under construction. The machines that will build the library are also under construction.

For now, please find some of our largely human-generated content.

Here's a long, unscripted video where we go ever almost everything you might want to know about the interplay of light, technology, and health at a high level.

What the strongest materials in the universe teach about achieving peak human health and performance (95 min)

    Machine generated audio-to-text from video (15,500 words total):

    1. The Strongest Materials in the Universe - 1 of 5
    2. Engineering vs Science in Medicine and the Scale of Technology - 2 of 5
    3. The Scam Behind Joovv Red Light Therapy (and all the other brands) - 3 of 5
    4. Every SAD Light Therapy Lamp is Garbage - 4 of 5
    5. Clear Glasses Don't Block Blue Light and you Need Bright "Blue" Light During the Day to Sleep Well - 5 of 5

    Photobiomodulation Research

    Extremely thorough, categorized spreadsheet on most of the several thousand studies. 

    Newsletter Archive

    Intro: Latest Circadian & Photobiomodulation Research (Cognitive & Physical Effects)

    1. Aletheia from the Fountain Portal #1 - Circadian Rhythms and Photobiomodulation
    2. Aletheia 2: Uncovering a >$360,000 Consumer Product Biohacking Scam
    3. Aletheia 3: Revealing Our Technology and Product Roadmap
    4. #4 Quantum Dots, Bones, and Bright Light
    5. #5 Chroma Glasses & High Power Density Near-IR; Research Roundup
    6. #6 The Truth about Joovv Red Light Therapy. Let's run the numbers...
    7. #7 What the strongest materials in the universe teach about achieving peak human health and performance - Our Debut Youtube Video / Solo Podcast


    • Primary biological effects of the built environment: light-based circadian disruption (1% during the day, 100x at night compared to normal); lack of thermal variation; lack of kinesthetic and sensory variation.
    • Secondary effects of the above: mental health, cognitive performance, physical performance, and chronic-disease risk.
    • Contextual evaluation of above: essays on technology and civilization to understand why we have failed to translate scientific knowledge into medical practice/institutions with high efficacy.
    • Technological solutions to above: we will write about approaches to solving these problems. Anywhere that the existing solutions are suboptimal, you can expect us to be building a better one. Any product we build will have a white paper written about it that you can find here.