Enterprise & DoD

What we do at Chroma

We can make your people smarter, healthier, and fitter than anyone else. We can build environments that yield such marked increases in immediate happiness that people will feel viscerally drawn to them.

"Wellness services" offer nothing more than what you could gather by reading a couple blog posts or chatting with a random athletic person you pick up off the street. Wearable gadgets as they exist today are mostly for entertainment purposes or serious athletes that can leverage minute details.

Chroma offers the first set of serious wellness technologies, and unlike medicine which has made some great strides in the 20th century, the wellness is in its infancy so our technologies our rather trivial. So much so in fact we're rather astounded we find ourselves having to take care of this, but someone ought to so here we are.

While the products and guidind design principles are trivial, explaining them is not. Without a veil of sophistication over our work, explaining the nuances of everything in a way that allows ordinary website shopping is impractical at this time.

Therefore, we have entire classes of products that are not on this website available to enterprise customers, and you can contact us at michael [at] getchroma.com to learn about those.

Alas, even with everything that's going on in the world it is often challenging for individuals to feel motivated about learning how to optimize the human. However, a company that looks at its payroll budget and thinking what it would it mean if their employee productivity were boosted 10% (or how they could negotiate lower health insurance premiums) may very well be able to.

A commander looking at their troops and trying to figure out how to get every ounce of performance from the warfighter would as well. In fact, even the FDA could take it upon itself to conduct its duties more effectively with our technologies ;)

Addendum / Philosophy / Mission

If the COVID-19 pandemic teaches us anything let it be this: no amount of "cutting edge" medical technology will save us from fragile and dysfunctional systems. Unfortunately, we did not learn the foolishness of hoping for top-down miracle-cures from the "war on cancer" so perhaps we will not take away valuable lessons now either. We now know that the biggest difference in COVID-19 outcomes is not from any cutting edge outcomes, but from underlying health. Medical institutions only know how to think about diseases and the sick so they cannot effectively prepare for the unknown.

It seems most people (whatever the context) do not care about "health" or even wellness for that matter. But in the domain of performance we can capture some interest. Performance is the back-door to health (e.g. aerobic fitness correleated to longevity with a study that found no upper-bound even in elite athletes, and respiratory fitness is great for improving survival odds of COVID-19).

So our offer is simple: we strive to make the highest performance humans in the world perform better -- if we inadvertently make people healthier along the way so be it.

See our About page to learn why Chroma started.