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It is 100x brighter outside than it is inside

Now you have a way to tell your brain the sun is shining. Feel happy, alert, and be ready to fall asleep naturally when the Day Shift signal turns off.
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We take our competition with the sun itself seriously

Why buy a panel built for plants in a greenhouse when you could have the first power dense, higher power system built for humans? The near-infrared power of a massive panel crammed into something the size of a small brick.
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The first ever consumer product with UVB LEDs

Now you don't have to have the tradeoff of the carcinogenicity of a fluorescent UVB bulb (e.g. Sperti) to get vitamin D. Possibly safer than sunlight itself.
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Compact, portable source of near-infrared light

More near-infrared light than you'll find in a TrueLight Square or similar square panels. 128 diodes deliver 5x the power of a similar sized laser system or typical flash light at a fraction of the price, and a photon's a photon.
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Day Shift™

Supplement nature's greatest nutrient - light - no matter how digital a lifestyle you live.

Supercharge your cells

Give yourself the most resilience and energy you can with the highest quality and power products on the market.


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