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Chromatorch: 850nm NIR Flashlight


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10 watt ~80mW/cm^2 850nm NIR near infrared flashlight. The perfect entry into near-infrared light!

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Two NIR Flashlights for double the energy delivery.


Reduce Inflammation On The Go With The Chromatorch

With rugged, anodized aluminum construction to dissipate heat, the Chromatorch NIR Flashlight offers ~80mW/cm^2 of pure 850nm NIR power.

Why Choose a Chromatorch NIR Flashlight?

  • Powerful & Efficient: Delivering an impressive ~80mW/cm^2 of near-infrared light, the Chromatorch outshines its contemporaries like TrueLight and Square.
  • Compact Yet Mighty: Experience the power of 128 diodes, offering 5 times the potency of typical laser systems or flashlights. Plus, it’s priced to provide incredible value.
  • Pure NIR Experience: Indulge in the benefits of 100% 850nm LEDs without any dilution from visible red light.


Your Trusted Companion for Photobiomodulation

Touted as a stellar entry point into the world of photobiomodulation, the 10 watt Chromatorch ensures minimal light scatter, allowing for direct skin contact, optimizing light absorption.

Empowering Your Sessions:

  1. Battery Essentials: For an uninterrupted experience, you’ll need 6 AA batteries (not included). Rechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH batteries are essential to power up your Chromatorch.
  2. Session Guidelines: Starting with 10-minute sessions 1-2 times a day can be a great introduction. While our flashlight is designed for maximal efficiency, this means it has a significant energy draw. Your battery life may be around 90 minutes. Always remember to let the device cool between uses.

Rechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH batteries are required.

NOTE: SOME Li-ion 1.5V batteries cause excessive heat and may damage the device.

Thousands of research papers have shown many effects of photobiomodulation, some include:

  • Improve cognitive performance or reduce risk of neurodegeneration
  • Reduce pain or inflammation in feet, back, joints, muscles, or after injury
  • Strengthen bones and reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Prevent hair loss or cause hair regrowth
  • Increase circulation in adipose tissue and support fat loss
  • Accelerate healing of connective tissue such as tendons or pulleys
  • Reduce depression or cause feelings of relaxation
  • Lead to higher amounts of deep sleep
  • Increase the adaptations to strength training, augmenting hypertrophy
  • Heal wounds faster
  • Decrease cellular damage caused by radiation

Running the Numbers…

Our 850nm NIR Flashlight delivers a LOT more near infrared power than almost every other portable Red/NIR light on the market, but significantly less than our IRONFORGE device.

Our flashlight’s high power delivery means it sucks through batteries quick! Products that last multiple hours are generally much less effective than simply standing in the sun. We decided not to skimp on power output with the tradeoff that our flashlight doesn’t have the longest battery life.  Rechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH batteries are required.

10min Sessions, 1-2 Times a Day

10min 1-2 times a day is a good starting point for NIR in each area used. Interestingly, systemic benefits have been shown even with localized use, that’s to say, using it on your legs may also benefit your brain.

50-100J/cm^2 is a common target total energy delivery for NIR PBMT. Our NIR flashlight delivers ~80mW/cm^2 , which means ~5J/cm^2/minute. So 10 minute treatment 1-2x per day would bring you to 50-100J/cm^2 in the area used.

The device is designed to be used directly against the skin for minimal light scatter. The light output will not burn you, but the device itself can become warm with extended use, limit sessions to 10min at a time and allow the device to cool between use.

Commitment to You

Your satisfaction is paramount. If the Chromatorch doesn’t resonate with your wellness journey within 30 days, return it. We don’t not cover the return shipping, but we take pride in the fact that so far, no one has returned their device.

Note: The Chromatorch NIR Flashlight is crafted with a focus on wellness and is not a medical device.




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5 reviews for Chromatorch: 850nm NIR Flashlight

  1. Customer

    I’m loving the flashlight! It’s be far the best version of similar products I’ve ever had.

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  2. Customer

    I bought the near infrared flashlight from you and I LOVE it. I even use it on my dog.

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  3. Matthew

    I don’t think you’re going to get much better than this for the price. Love that it’s all 850nm NIR. You can feel the warmth coming off of the light. Good stuff!

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  4. James Vitton

    Great device, great service

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  5. Anonymous

    Very pleased with the device.

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