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Sky Portal



The Sky Portal helps you Day Shift [tm]. It is 100x brighter outside than it is inside, but now you have a way to tell your brain the sun is shining. Feel happy, alert, and be ready to fall asleep naturally when the Day Shift signal turns off.

Large 450mm diameter, ultra-thin source panel with tripod included.

Blend sky blue 480nm and 810nm near-infrared LEDs in any ratio you want.

On max brightness, melanopic lux at same distance as 10k lux claims estimated as equivalent to ~60,000 lux white LED without being as bright or harsh since there is no green or dark blue. If you know, you know (we'll have a detailed white paper at some point).

NEW VARIANTS: Since some people care primarily about the circadian effects, we made a blue/white version that drops the near-IR. The blue channel works exactly the same way, but now you can blend it with white to get a more washed out appearance, or use it 80-90% white, and 10% sky blue when you want an ultra-high fidelity white since this fills in the cyan gap present in white LEDs. Without the near-infrared, these are a bit more budget friendly. We also have a mini-version that is 50% power from a 330mm diameter panel. Photos with dual white panels are the mini versions on 50% sky blue 50% white.

We worked with the LED manufacturer to custom tune this white to exceed the performance you'll find in photography lights. It is a dual blue and purple LED phosphor pump (instead of just blue), and has had its deep red boosted for enhanced r9, a number that is not represented in CRI, but is critical to rendering skin tones (e.g. on a Zoom call) all the way up to 94. TLCI is 99. We are currently shipping these from China so we estimate they will take 7-14 days to get to you.

The ultimate tool for circadian rhythms and photobiomodulation-driven cognitive enhancement.

This is not a SAD light. This is a portal connecting the interior of a building to a natural outdoor setting.

Nearly half as much near-infrared power as the IRONFORGE Green Series.

For more details, check out the product launch info on our newsletter: https://www.getchroma.co

Now includes a desk stand.

NOTE: We advise you get a pair of Carbonshades along with your Sky Portal. You want melanopic light during the day, and you want to avoid it in the evening before you go to sleep.

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How much near-IR can you get with the Sky Portal at your desk?

The Sky Portal has 40% the near-infrared output of the IRONFORGE Green Series. Since the angle of the output light is 80 degrees, we can consider the center column, plus two triangles on either side with 40 degree angles off of straight.

To find the additional triangle contribution to the diameter of our circle, we solve for Opposite in Tangent(40 degrees) = Opposite/Adjacent. The Adjacent is the distance your head is from the light and we will take that to be 1m so all we need to do is Tan(40deg) times 1 = 0.84. We have 2 triangles, plus the 0.45m circle so our projected light diameter is 2.13m, giving us an area of 3.56m^2.

The head has a 56 cm circumference, giving us a 250cm^2 cross-sectional area, which takes up 0.7% of the light being given off. The upper torso might capture around 3.5%. This equates to 357x less than Green Series on head, and 71x less than Green Series on upper torso.

But we can easily be sitting under this light for a while. Let's say 8 hours at a desk. This gets us 1.34 minute equivalent of Green Series just on head + 6.76 minute equivalent of Green Series just on upper torso. Not bad.

If you can position the Sky Portal just 0.5m from your head with one of those angle 2-piece tripods, you can 2.7x these numbers!

This of course trounces the VieLights, anti-baldness caps, and beauty face masks that you'd only use ~10 minutes at a time.


30 day no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. We're confident you'll love the product within the first few weeks, and if you don't, you can send it back to us for a refund. Although we can't cover return shipping, we've had 0 returns so far!

Patent Pending #63133247