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When you start sleeping poorly from chronic evening light exposure, you enter a state of perpetual sleep deprivation. From then on, you become unable to accurately assess how sleep-deprived you truly feel. It becomes the new normal. Don't you deserve to remember what life can feel like when your sleep is amazing?

  • Pinkish red lenses
  • Patented* design and violet inclusive spectral tech, ~10x wider gamut
  • Blocks most blue and green light
  • High abbe index, low-density, impact-resistant nylon
  • Oleophobic scratch-resistant coating, both sides


  • Lightweight premium acetate feels great
  • Lens - Bridge - Temple: 48 - 19 - 140 mm
  • Weight: 24 g

Check out the AI Library to learn more about light and color.

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*Pat No. US 10,571,716

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