Are You Ready to Take Your Gaming to the Next Level?

Achieve Peak Performance...

Achieve peak performance while gaming with the Sky Portal. Combining 480nm sky blue and 810nm Near Infrared wavelengths, the Sky Portal device helps increase alertness and reaction times, helps maintain energy levels, combat fatigue, and unlock cognitive enhancement - all essential elements of a top-tier E-Sports competitor.

Sky Portal Benefits:

Increased Alertness & Focus - Combat fatigue and improve concentration with the power of 480nm sky blue and 810nm NIR photobiomodulation technology.

Enhance Reaction Times- Unlock cognitive enhancement to elevate your game play; think faster and better in intense moments.

Reduce Eye Strain- Experience improved visual acuity and less eye strain during late night gaming sessions with NIR.

Lowers Anxiety- NIR light has been shown to be extreamly beneficial to mental state, from helping to prevent anxiery, to reduction in depression symptoms.

Deeper Sleep- Recharge between raids with the deepest sleep of your life. Supporting your circadian rhythem is a key component in cultivating restful, restoritive sleep.

Portable Design - The sleek compact design and included carrying case makes it easy to transport to tournaments or LAN parties. Take your edge with you.

Thousands of Studies of NIR Light Show Real Results

Photoneuromodulation makes a difficult cognitive task less arduous

"A significant interaction in memory-related frontal activation was found. Additionally, the memory-related frontal activation was significantly correlated with the immediate and delayed recall of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test assessed at baseline."

Link to Study


Acute Effects of Near Infrared Light Therapy on Brain State in Healthy Subjects as Quantified by qEEG Measures.

"Change in reaction time significantly differed between treated and control, with a mean of 23.8 msec improvement compared with controls.

"The data suggest that NIR light may have an acute effect on reaction time and amplitude in certain subject subsets."

Link to Study

Augmentation of cognitive brain functions with transcranial lasers.

"PBM improves prefrontal cortex-related cognitive functions, such as sustained attention, extinction memory, working memory, and affective state. Transcranial NIR stimulation may be used efficaciously to support neuronal mitochondrial respiration as a new non-invasive, cognition-improving intervention in humans."

Link to Study

"Transcranial photobiomodulation prevents anxiety and depression via changing serotonin and nitric oxide levels in brain of depression model"

Link to Study

Multi-Watt Near-Infrared Phototherapy for the Treatment of Depression

Link to Study

810nm light reduces oxidative stress in primary cortical neurons in vitro.

Link to Study

Make no Mistake...

The Sky Portal is unlike any other light - it’s an investment in your performance as a serious competitor! While most lights are created to light your room, the Sky Portal is designed with human biological needs put first. Don’t wait any longer – become part of an elite group and dominate your competition.

NIR/Blue Sky Portal - 810nm NIR + 480nm Sky Blue


Thousands of research papers have shown the effects of photobiomodulation, these include:

  • Improve cognitive performance & reduce risk of neurodegeneration.

  • Reduce depression or cause feelings of relaxation.

  • Lead to higher amounts of deep sleep, leading to better performance.

  • Decrease cellular damage caused by radiation.

  • Increase circulation in adipose tissue and support fat loss.

  • Heal wounds faster.

  • Support healthy hair.

  • Improve circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

NIR/Blue Sky Portal - 810nm NIR + 480nm Sky Blue

Circadian Rhythm and Photobiomodulation-driven Cognitive Enhancement!
Support your circadian rhythm and perform at your peak with 480nm blue, the most effective wavelength light for telling your brain you're awake. Reduce eye strain by drowning out harsh & harmful short-blue light from your screen with natural sky blue.  Blend sky blue with 810nm NIR light for mitochondrial energt and cognitive enhancement.


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