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Maximize your potential and stay focused on your work with the Chroma Sky Portal. PBMT driven circadien support & cognative enhancement.  It's 100x darker inside than outside, but now you have a way to tell your brain that the sun is shining.

The Sky Portal device is the ideal light device for students and professionals looking to maximize their productivity and focus throughout the day and into the night when needed. Using both 480nm sky blue and 810nm Near Infrared (NIR) wavelength light, the Sky Portal helps you achieve better wakefulness every day, and better sleep every night, keeping you naturally energized and ready to tackle your work.

Most lights are designed to be only bright enough to illuminate your environment, at Chroma, we design lights with human biological needs put first.

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The body has cells specifically for detecting melanopic (blue & green) light. Their response curve is noted by Mel above. This response peaks at 480nm sky blue and controls sleep/wake cycles.

Sky Blue For Wakefulness

Studies have shown that adequate restful sleep improves human performance by helping to increase attention, focus, and alertness. Whether due to a late-night study sessions or a busy schedule, college can often be hard on your sleep cyclethats why we created the Sky Portal light device & Carbonshade glasses. These two devices work exactly the opposite, both focused on our melanopsin receptors. This is the system that influences wakefulness and promotes healthy sleep cycles in response to the amount of melanopic (blue and green) light in your environment. It's about 100x darket inside than outside, but now you have a way to tell your brain the sun is shining even while indoors.

The Sky Portal provides natural sky blue melanopic light for the morning and daytime to encourage wakefulness, and our Carbonshade blue & green blocking glasses are intended to block this same melanopic light in the evenings.  It's important to get enough melanopic light during the day and just as important to avoid exposure 2-4 hours before going to bed.  This combination of devices is designed specifically with human biological needs in mind, providing maximum circadian rhythm support.

Near Infrared to Power Mitochondria

Humans perform and feel better in the presence of Near Infrared (NIR) light.  Research has demonstrated that exposure to NIR light can lead to more efficient cell operations and improved cognitive function. Furthermore, there are also potent local anti-inflammatory effects associated with NIR light therapy, which may help to reduce stress levels and improve general health.  The Sky Portal offers a solution to the lack of NIR light indoors.  This type of light is healthy from sun up to well into the night, especially when you're also using a screen.  There's thousands of studies that show the effects of NIR light, but what they all boil down to is this:  NIR light makes your mitochondria work better, and when mitochondria are working better, you feel, perform, and even sleep, better.

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Thousands of studies show NIR to have a wide range of benefits...

"Photoneuromodulation makes a difficult cognitive task less arduous"

"A significant interaction in memory-related frontal activation was found. Additionally, the memory-related frontal activation was significantly correlated with the immediate and delayed recall of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test assessed at baseline."

Link to Study

"Transcranial near-infrared PBM attenuates memory impairment and hippocampal oxidative stress in sleep-deprived model."

"Our findings revealed that hippocampus-related mitochondrial damage and extensive oxidative stress contribute to the occurrence of memory impairment. In contrast, NIR PBM reduced hippocampal oxidative damage, supporting the ability of 810nm light to improve the antioxidant defense system and maintain mitochondrial survival."

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"Transcranial photobiomodulation prevents anxiety and depression via changing serotonin and nitric oxide levels in brain of depression model"

"Our results demonstrated that NIR had an anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effect... which is probably linked to increasing 5-HT and decreasing NO levels in the PFC and Hipp areas."

Link to Study

"Psychological benefits 2 and 4 weeks after a single treatment with near infrared light to the forehead"

Link to Study

"NIR irradiation enhances ATP production in human neuronal cells in culture."

Link to Sudy

"Transcranial NIR Improves Cognitive Performance in Young Healthy Adults"

Link to Study

Light, Lighting and Human Health

"Light can impact human health via the visual and non-visual systems originating in the retina of the eye or as optical radiation falling on eye or skin...Topics covered include aspects of lighting likely to... induce circadian disruption; enhance sleep; mitigate Alzheimer’s disease and depression; produce tissue damage; alleviate diseases through phototherapy and inactivate viruses through germicidal irradiation."

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Don’t let lack of sleep stop you from achieving your goals — invest in a Sky Portal device today and start getting better rest this year!

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NIR/Blue Sky Portal - 810nm NIR + 480nm Sky Blue


Primarily intersted in Circadien support?

Meet the Blue/White Sky Portal...

If NIR is not for you, our Blue/White version of the Sky Portal replaces the NIR channel with a non-harsh HiFi white channel boasting excellent color rendering and fidelity so you look healthier on camera.  The Blue/White Sky Portal is the best quality white light you'll find outside of a lab setting.  Adjust your circadien response as needed, and ditch your harsh, flickery desk lamp.
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Fix your circadian rhythm with the Sky Portal two Mini White Sky Portals Featured

Pair Your Sky Portal With Carbonshades for Maximum Impact...

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