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It's only been 2 days but I really liked the effect of the sky portal so far, both during the day and at night when I switch it to 100% NIR and just leave it on through the night. Can't wait til the new order ships! 

I love chroma and the products y'all provide.

Still loving it! Can't go back to regular room lights again.

(Some minor feedback) I do find myself rarely wanting to adjust brightness, only blue / infrared balance. For me personally, having that be the default setting adjusted by the knob would be more convenient.

I recently received my Sky Portal light and truly love it.

"I like it, and I feel like (struggling for a good way to collect data on this) it helps quite a bit. When I leave it on for the whole day, it definitely changes how I feel in the evening, and its effect is much "softer" than having a conventional bulb scorching my eyes all day."

"I love the Sky Portal, I use it every day now that I have to work in my home office and don't have the large windows at normal work. I find it bright but not so much that I can't use it essentially for most of the day. No flicker. So far working wonderfully! Reminds me of the sky.

I'd recommend!"

It's only been 2 days but I really liked the effect of the Sky Portal so far, both during the day and at night when I switch it to 100% NIR and just leave it on through the night. Can't wait til the new order ships!

"I received my Ironforge a few days ago, and man is it powerful. I recently injured my toe while doing martial arts, and was limping with limited rom. Within two sessions of the Ironforge, my flexibility improved dramatically and I was no longer in pain.

On my scalp, I barely used it for 30 seconds and felt an immediate calmness, but could still focus. You've made a really great device. I already know the Sky Portal is going to make even more of a difference when using it in front of my computer while working."

"My Ironforge is back and I'm loving it!"

"We've been using our Ironforge every day since we got it, and we love it."

"Hey there, some feedback: pretty amazing gadget indeed, man! Super powerful.

I'm very happy with it."

"My skin blemishes are all basically gone. My bones feel stronger and I really, really can feel this thing healing up old ailments as if I were younger."

"I'm liking this device. Seems to be clearing up my nasal passages. I kind of only leave in each area around 2 seconds and maybe go over the area 5 times or so. My skin on my face looks better. Feels like my teeth are stronger in the bone. But don't put it directly on the teeth. They get sensitive."

I'm really glad to see that you're back now, since I'm a big fan of your products. In particular the Ironforge was great for relieving my girlfriend's eczema!

"Very powerful! I've been using it on my mom who has a ton of tears and severe old injuries and she says the pain is reduced by 50% when going to the gym."

The power to reduce inflammation all in the palm of your hands. I have a 6 panel, full body system from one of the major light panel companies and the Ironforge smokes it in quality and power. Will be purchasing another shortly.

"My wife had a C-Section and she really feels the pain reduction and scar healing and would do a testimonial! I use it everywhere but lots on the fingers and man it makes them recover so much faster and takes the pain way down. I also love to use it on my warm ups for hangboarding. I have been getting even better and safer feeling sessions.

You have created something really special here."

"I'm loving the flashlight! It's be far the best version of similar products I've ever had."

"I bought the near infrared flashlight from you and I LOVE it. I even use it on my dog."

I'm so excited about this light and have been a happy customer since early 2021 when I purchased a flashlight and the large skyportal both of which are incredible tools that I continue to use so thank you!

I've been using the d-light now for nearly 3 months. I used it everyday 45-75 secs per use across my whole body (type 2 skin) for about 2 months and the last month I've been using it ~90secs every other day, sometimes less.

First off, the 1st week with it was incredible, (I get severe seasonal affective disorder and clinically have low vit-d levels) I noticed extreme cognitive improvements. That effect tapered off after ~2 weeks, no idea what to make of that but to this day my SAD is markedly better which I'm so grateful for.

Hello! Ordered D-light and Ironforge from you and I am very pleased. Strong stuff 🙂

"Michael! I just received the D-Light and used it for the first time! Holy shit! This thing is amazing! Massive nervous system regulation and somatic feelings like I feel during and after sunshine exposure. This thing is amazing!!!"

"I wear them about 2 hours before going to bed. Every night. I’ve been doing it for years. I notice a dramatic difference in sleep quality when I don’t."

"These Carbonshade blue light blockers got the world looking like a scene from Terminator 2

I usually don’t wear blue light blockers, but these can definitely be helpful if you’re having trouble getting to sleep.…"

"I wear them two hours prior to going to sleep - blocks out blue light. They make everything trippy and orange but I've found I can watch old episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents just fine. :)"

"I started wearing the blue light blocking glasses and it’s made a huge difference, no eye strain/red eyes"

"In this short Blue Light Diet video, I do a quick Carbonshade Classic review. These are red lens green and blue light blocking glasses from Carbonshade. They have great wrap around coverage and block out most of the light up to about 580nm which means your melanopsin, circadian rhythm and melatonin should be protected as good as it gets with blue blocker glasses."

"Received my 2 pairs and they are unreal. I've had Gunnars before and Gamma rays (as good as gunnars for blocking light in my opinion. These are way better and based on a more scientific approach. They also don't have any magnification - which is a good thing for people with normal eyesight. I found magnifying glasses trained my eyes to be weaker so my suggestion is to stay away if you dont have glasses now. My long sight had already improved because my eyes aren't as fatigued from screen use. I was also getting headaches that have vanished. They cover the face nicely and aren't too small (I felt the Gamma Rays were too small and let in too much light). Happy to answer any questions but these are the real deal. PS also used f.lux and it was ok but nowhere near as effective."

"I wear mine every night!"

"I have been using Blue Light Blocking Glasses for a year now to improve sleep & was recently contacted by @carbonshade to give their product a try. At this moment they are my favorite pair and here is a review on why."

"Enjoying my Carbonshades, helps regulate my circadian rhythm by blocking out a variety of lights at night. I've been looking into red lights but in the meanwhile this has been a great & more affordable alternative.

I wear them 1-2h before bed, super relaxing."

"I saw @SBakerMD wearing them too and that's how I ended up purchasing mine. I wear them every evening before bed and they really help me to sleep better. I never realized blue and green light rays stress the eyes and cause other hormonal disruptions."

"The blue light blocking glasses from Carbonshade have improved both my vision and general quality of life.

I initially got them because I was curious about the effect they would have on my sleep. They delivered in that realm, and they also relieved my eye strain and helped me get to bed earlier and faster.

I honestly can’t recommend these glasses enough. Especially if you spend a significant amount of time looking at computer or smartphone screens.

Full review here:"

I bought your carbonshade glasses and love them. They really do feel like much more of a premium product than the amber glasses I had tried (and then stopped using becuase they felt cheap)

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