Sky Portal Mini: Portable HiFi White + 660nm Deep Red

The Sky Portal Mini provides circadian support, enhanced alertness, and an energy boost in a travel-friendly package. It’s your on-the-go solution for maintaining natural energy levels, alertness, and supporting healthy sleep no matter where you are.

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The Sky Portal Mini

A Little Sunshine In Your Pocket - The Ultimate Travel Companion

Melanopsin Stimulating HiFi White + 660nm Deep Red

Light Exposure is the MAIN DRIVER of Sleep & Wake cycles, take your light environment seriously with a purpose designed device. An upgrade over our previous design, this custom tuned white channel has excellent OPN3 and OPN4 stimulation with no cyan gap and offers a dedicated 660nm deep red in the second channel for use all day and into the evening.


  • Enhanced Wakefulness and Energy: Start your day with the Sky Portal’s opsin-stimulating white light, designed to invigorate and energize, setting a positive tone for your day through stimulation of OPN3 & OPN4

  • Improved Sleep Quality: As night falls, switch to the soothing deep red light. Its calming effect gently prepares your body for sleep, aiding in the natural production of melatonin and ensuring a deeper, more restful night.

  • Ideal For Travel: Ideal for those who are often on the go, the Sky Portal is your companion for a balanced, healthy lifestyle naturally supporting circadian health.

  • Battery Bank: Your circadian support tool is also a high capacity battery bank, keep your devices topped off on the go.

Enhanced Productivity With Opsin Stimulation:

The Sky Portal Mini is your secret weapon for productivity. By mimicking the crisp and energizing opsin stimulation of natural daylight, the Sky Portal elevates your alertness and focus, ensuring you stay on top of your game and accomplish more throughout the day, wherever you roam.  (Supporting Study)

Melanopsin Stimulating Light: A Natural Mood Elevator

 Say goodbye to the gloomy days of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Offering well over 10,000 melanopic lux when set to 100% White @ ~8" the Sky Portal Mini connects your mobile workspace to a natural outdoor environment, providing a mood-lifting experience that can counteract the effects of SAD through Opsin 3 & 4 stimulation and red light therapy. Feel your winter blues wash away. (Supporting Study)


Daytime Light Exposure Improves Sleep & Circadian Health

Regulate Your Sleep Cycle: Achieving a consistent sleep pattern is crucial for overall well-being. The Sky Portal Mini helps to set your body's internal clock, establishing or maintaining a healthy sleep routine. Say hello to restful nights and productive days! (Supporting Study)


Tech Specs:

LED Wavelengths:

Melanopsin Stimulating White + 660nm Deep Red


Power & Ratio of White:Red

Max Melanopic Lux:

 >10,000 Melanopic Lux @ ~8"

Power to LEDs:

~10 Watt


Clip Stand & 1/4" Swivel Mount

Day Shift

Tell Your Brain To Wake Up!

The Sun is the best light we have available to us as humans, but the Sky Portal is a close second...

It's ~100x brighter outside than it is inside, but now you have a way to tell your brain the sun is shining even while you’re inside or on the subway! Feel happy, alert, and more focused, then be ready to fall asleep naturally when the Day Shift™ signal of opsin stimulation turns off.



Circadian Rhythm Support Tip:

To reinforce your natural circadian rhythm & enhance overall sleep quality, maintain a similar light exposure schedule daily, including weekends. Pair your Sky Portal Mini with Carbonshade melanopic light blocking glasses in the evenings. The body needs melanopic light exposure in the day, but excess light should always be avoided at night before bed.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are confident that your experience with the Sky Portal will be nothing short of extraordinary. However, we understand that personal preferences may vary, and we want you to have complete peace of mind when you choose us with your wellbeing.  If you don't love your Sky Portal, send it back for a full refund.

100% White

100% Deep Red


User Guide & FAQ

Sky Portal Mini

General use and common questions.

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