Modernity has lost a connection to nature, we aim to bring it back.

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A wellness experience inspired by nature...

Reduce Pain & Enhance Wellness

The Ironforge device is the first ever high power density red+nir device built for daily use. Power your mitochondria, experience lasting relief and find your inner calm.

Experience The Feeling Of Sunlight

Designed with direct input from Dr. Jack Kruse, the Lux Vital device is the first light therapy device designed to stimulate the bodies non-visual photoreceptor systems.

Produce Vitamin D All Year Round

You now have the ability to produce endogenous vitamin D regardless of the weather or latitude you live at. Stay healthy and strong with red+NIR balanced narrowband UVB.

Science backed high power devices.

Light therapy has been well studied to enhance physical and mental health.
Chroma's purpose-built high power devices deliver a meaningful dose of beneficial light over a short duration, helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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Targeted devices designed for your specific needs.

Whether you're seeking pain relief, improved sleep, mood enhancement, or to maintain your Vitamin D levels, let our range of specialized light devices guide you towards holistic wellness. Discover the power of tailored light therapy and empower your daily life with Chroma devices.

Sleep & Wakefulness

Discover your balance between restful nights and energized mornings. Whether it's glasses that protect against disruptive blue light, a pillow designed to keep you cool, or devices that emulate the invigorating power of sunlight, we've got the tools for a harmonized sleep-wake cycle.

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On The Go

Harness the power of light anywhere, anytime.

Sky Portal Mini

Melanopic White + 660nm Deep Red


Purple Wand

Advanced Opsin stimulation + RLT

Common Light Therapy Questions

What Our Customers Say

Greyson Q.


I am blown away by this device, I have the power of a panel in something that fits in my One-Bag. I can both spot treat and radiate my whole body with the same unit. I also really like the utilitarian design. It was designed with no frills but still looks esthetic. The newest version with multiple wavelengths provides a really wide range. Chroma has earned themselves a life-time customer and I'd like to give a special shout out to Matt for being so responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.

Bbone C.


The power to reduce inflammation all in the palm of your hands. I have a 6 panel, full body system from one of the major light panel companies and the Ironforge smokes it in quality and power. Will be purchasing another shortly.


Sky Portal

I like it, and I feel like (struggling for a good way to collect data on this) it helps quite a bit. When I leave it on for the whole day, it definitely changes how I feel in the evening, and its effect is much “softer” than having a conventional bulb scorching my eyes all day.

Shelley H.

Lux Vital

I have had my device for a short period, but wow. I have had many other devices/panels, but none compare to the Chroma brand! I live in Michigan, and the winters are long; I do get up to see the sunrise, but the addition of the device really has made a difference. I have a lot of energy, and my labs have improved!

A Glimpse Into The Research Behind Our Devices

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More Light, Less Pain? What's This All About?

More Light, Less Pain? What's This All About?

Red light therapy is a form of light therapy quickly gaining popularity as a natural method for Pain & Inflammation. The therapy uses red to near infrared (NIR) wavelengths to penetrate the ski...

Red Light Therapy for Mitochondrial Support

Red Light Therapy for Mitochondrial Support

As the powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria play a crucial role in cellular energy production. Dysfunction of mitochondria can result in a wide range of diseases, including neurodegenerative disor...