PROMETHEAN PORTAL: Full Body Light Therapy - Lux Vital & Ironforge Collection (PRE-ORDER, ETA Early August)

The PROMETHEAN PORTAL full body light therapy bundle includes 6 Lux Vital and 6 Ironforge units, designed for those who seek a head to toe, DIY light therapy experience.

Sale price$13,999.00

Treat your body to the experience of full body sunlight.

Bundle Contents:

  • 6 x Lux Vital Devices: Advanced opsins activation with broad spectrum red/NIR light.
  • 6 x Ironforge Devices: High-intensity, red/NIR therapy.
  • Recommended Mounting Parts List (Amazon Links Included).

Key Features:

  • DIY Flexibility: Customize your full-body light therapy setup to suit your space and wellness goals.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Achieve one-side full body exposure with a diverse range of therapeutic wavelengths.
  • Premium Quality: Each device in this bundle represents the pinnacle of photobiomodulation technology, with an expected life of over 50,000 hours.

Ideal For:

  • Enhancing whole-body wellness practices.
  • Deep tissue rejuvenation and skin health optimization.
  • Creating a personalized light therapy environment.

Note: Mounting and setup require user assembly. Customize your arrangement for a tailored light therapy experience.