D-Light: A Safer Vitamin D Light (Backordered - Shipping ETA June/July)

The D-Light caters to your skin and overall health by facilitating natural Vitamin D synthesis with its balanced UVB + red + NIR spectrum. Ideal for maintaining healthy Vitamin D levels year round.

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Note: This is a Pre-Order, shipping ETA ~July 2024.

Harness the Power of the D-Light

Your All Year Vitamin D Solution

Experience the first-ever LED Vitamin D Light.  UVB, Red, Deep Red, and Near-Infrared combined in one groundbreaking device. Experience Vitamin D production in the comfort of your home, regardless of the season.


Tech Specs:

LED Wavelengths:

  • 850nm NIR 40 watt
  • 760 NIR 40 watt
  • 670nm Deep Red 40 watt
  • 630nm Red 20 watt
  • 297nm UVB 35 watt (For Vit. D Production)

Vitamin D Production:

~1000 IU vitamin D3 in 30 seconds in type II skin

Power Consumption:

~200 Watt


🌞A Natural Vitamin D Boost

Upgrade your light environment to having a consistent source of Vitamin D. The D-Light is designed for safer UVB exposure, blending UVB with Red, Deep Red, and NIR - the key components of sunlight that make UVB exposure safer. Embrace optimal health all year long without concerns deficiency.

⏱ Quick Red Light Sessions with a Lasting Impact

We respect your time. With the D-Light, 30 seconds to 2 minutes daily unlocks an array of benefits. Seamlessly integrate this quick boost into your daily routine and witness significant enhancements in health and well-being through a natural boost in Vitamin D.


Produce Your Own Vitamin D:

In the quest for optimal health, Vitamin D stands out as a crucial nutrient, often hailed as the 'sunshine vitamin.' While supplements are a common go-to solution, there's growing evidence that generating Vitamin D through light exposure offers unique benefits that pills simply can't match.

Why Choose Light-Produced Vitamin D?

  1. Natural Synthesis Process: Our bodies are designed to produce Vitamin D naturally when exposed to UVB light. The D-Light replicates this natural process, providing a more bioavailable form of Vitamin D that's easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

  2. Balanced Absorption: Supplements can lead to spikes in Vitamin D levels, whereas light-induced synthesis allows for a more balanced and gradual absorption, aligning closely with the body's natural rhythm.

  3. Reduced Dependency on Oral Supplements: Relying solely on supplements can sometimes lead to imbalances or over-dependence. Light therapy with the D-Light provides an alternative approach, reducing the need for Vitamin D supplements.

While sunlight is the ideal source for UVB light naturally balanced with red, deep red and near infrared, the D-Light offers a research backed solution for natural Vitamin D synthases with LED produced light.

Safety Reminder:
ALWAYS wear safety glasses and avoid looking directly at the light. Always close your eyes when the device is near your face. Never gaze into the device.
The D-Light is not a medical device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, this device is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical condition. Please enjoy this wellness device and consult your doctor for any health advice.

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