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Enjoy Restful Nights With Carbonshade & ColdBed

Uninterrupted Rest: Dive into deep, rejuvenating sleep with tools designed to optimize your night.

Stylish Defense: Carbonshades blend fashion and function, block 99.8% of melanopic light while looking your best.

Stay Cool: The ColdBed Pillow ensures a refreshing sleep, countering night sweats and overheating.

Make Energized Days Your New Normal With the Chroma Sky Portal

Greet the Day: Harness the power of light to jumpstart your mornings, staying sharp and alert.

Balanced Rhythms: Protect your natural sleep-wake cycle from the disruptions of modern living.

Dynamic Lighting: The Sky Portals adapt to your day, balancing energy levels and promoting restful nights.

Bright Days & Dark, Cool Nights...

In today's digital age, the quality of our sleep is often compromised by both poor daytime indoor lighting and far too much light & heat at night. Modern buildings are not built with human biological needs in mind. On average it's 100x darker inside than outside during the day, and 100x brighter inside than outside at night... This disruption throws off a natural circadian rhythm and can lead to a host of serious health issues. Embrace the innovative solutions offered by Carbonshades, the ColdBed Pillow, and our specialized Sky Portal devices. Enhance your sleep-wake cycle, boost daytime energy, and find tranquility during nights. Dive deep into the world of biophotonics and reclaim your natural rhythm.

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