Ironforge: The Compact Deep Red & NIR Powerhouse (PRE-ORDER ETA Aug)

Experience targeted relief, rapid recovery, and enhanced deep tissue health with the Ironforge. This device is designed for precision treatment, helping you to effectively address specific areas of discomfort and promote overall tissue wellness.

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NOTE: This is a Pre-Order for the in-production batch expected to ship in  August - Thank you for the overwhelming support!

ALL Orders Placed by May 9th 2024 are expected to ship in June.

🌟 Chroma Ironforge: Harness the Sun's Power 🌟

Dive into a wellness experience like never before. Drawing inspiration from the brilliance of the sun, we introduce to you the Chroma Ironforge - a beacon of high power density Red/NIR light therapy. Offering quick and effective treatments.

NOTE: Because NIR light is out of the range of human vision, some of the strips of LEDs on the Ironforge will appear as if they are not producing light. This is by design, as this NIR light penetrates deepest into tissue.

🔍 Key Features:

  • Tailored Treatments: Its sleek and compact design ensures potent doses are delivered right where you need them. You no longer need to settle for generalized treatments; give your body light exactly where it's needed.

  • Go Deeper: With a staggering 80% NIR spectrum, the Ironforge promises enhanced tissue penetration, ensuring more profound therapeutic impacts.

  • Your Time Matters: Why spend hours before traditional panels when 30-90 seconds with Ironforge can achieve better results in your targeted area? Optimize your wellness journey.

  • Robust & Compact: Imagine the robustness of a greenhouse-style panel shrunk into a handy brick-sized device. We've designed the Ironforge from the ground up as the only option for high power density photonic treatments.


Tech Specs:

LED Wavelengths:

  • 850nm NIR: 110 watts
  • 810nm NIR: 25 watts
  • 760nm NIR: 25 watts
  • 670nm Deep Red: 25 watts
  • 630nm Red: 25 watts

Total Power Output at the Faceplate:


Power Consumption:

~220 Watt



📖 How to Use The Ironforge:

We use the Ironforge like a brush, sweeping across the body and focusing on target areas of discomfort. Due to the immense light output of the Ironforge, heat buildup can occur. We recommend keeping the device in constant motion over the body, only stopping in one area for 10-20 seconds at a time, allowing the skin to cool momentarily before more exposure in any given target area.

  • Keep the device in constant motion.
  • Use at the faceplate for maximum power density up to 12" for targeted treatments.
  • Extend up to a meter for milder full body exposure similar to a traditional panel.

    Example Use For Knee Pain: Expose each knee for 45 seconds total from a distance of about 6" split up into 15 seconds from three different angles.

    Example Use for Muscle Recovery: After a workout, target sore muscles by holding the Ironforge about 6" away. Sweep over each affected area for 20 seconds from two different angles for a total of 40 seconds per muscle group. This helps to stimulate recovery and reduce soreness.

    Example Use for Facial Skin Health: To rejuvenate facial skin, support skin health and collagen production, hold the Ironforge about 18"-20" away from your face (arms length). Close your eyes and exposure your face for up to 15 seconds. Do not gaze into the device.

    As with any new stimuli, always start with shorter exposure times and gradually increase as needed, listening to your body.

    🧪 The Science Behind Red Light Photobiomodulation (PBMT):

    Though we don’t make health claims, the world of research does speak volumes. Thousands of studies show positive effects of PBM, suggesting benefits ranging from cognitive enhancement, muscle and joint health support, to inducing feelings of relaxation...

    🔗 Quick Links to Noteworthy PBM Research:

      30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      Love your Ironforge or send it back for a full refund, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We're confident you'll feel results within 30 days.


      • Backed by a 1-year warranty against defects or LED failure.
      • Equipped with a power supply suitable for both 110/120 and 220/240 V. (Adapter not included)

          Independent Review

          NOTE: We have upgraded the Ironforge device since this Alex Fergus made this video. The Ironforge now features a wider range of wavelengths as noted in the specs above. The TOTAL power has not changed.

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