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Peak Performance

Intense Power: Unlock the rapid, targeted benefits of the Ironforge, designed for quick effective treatments.

Vital Light: Harness the D-Light’s UVB rays to safely boost Vitamin D levels, coupled with protective red and NIR light.

On-the-Go Relief: With the Chromatorch, experience the power of light therapy in the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.

Whole Body Balance

Deep Healing: Dive into the research-backed benefits of red and NIR light, supporting overall wellness.

Daily Dose: Use the power of light for targeted treatment, from boosting cognition to aiding muscle recovery.

Quick Treatments: Our devices, from Ironforge to D-Light, offer the strongest light therapy on the market for quick effective treatments in seconds to minutes.

Targeted High Power Density Photonics

The human body responds profoundly to light, influencing everything from mood to muscle recovery. Our high power density photonic devices unlock the transformative potential of photobiomodulation. Whether you're seeking pain relief, mood enhancement, or to maintain your Vitamin D levels this winter, let our range of specialized light devices guide you towards holistic wellness. Discover the power of tailored light therapy and empower your daily life with Chroma devices.

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