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Block 99.8% of Harmful Light

Meet most effective blue light blocking lenses on the market. Carbonshades are engineered to be stylish while delivering unparalleled protection and eye comfort.

Red Lenses. Max Blockage.

Our Red Lenses are scientifically proven block over 99.8% of harmful blue and green light — far surpassing the capabilities of yellow or orange lenses, let alone clear lens blue-blockers.

The Best Sleep of Your Life.

Carbonshades shield you from sleep disrupting blue light, restoring your body's natural sleep cycle so that you can rest better than ever before.

Perform At The Highest Level.

For those tied to their devices, there is no better option. Carbonshades work to allow you to take on each new day feeling well rested and more productive so that you can accomplish whatever comes your way.

Less Stress. Better Mood.

A balanced sleep cycle is one of the keys to a sound mind and body. Wearing Carbonshades can help not only lower your anxiety, but boost your mood as well.

Elite Durability.

Crafted with a heavy duty aluminum alloy, and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses, Carbonshade offers a modern, signature look and long lasting reliability.

Health Experts Side with Carbonshade


No products were found matching your selection.
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