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D-Light - Produce Vit. D While Inside


D-Lights ship anywhere in the world for free!


  • 31W 297nm UVB LEDs
  • Non-UV: 25% 630nm, 25% 670nm, 25% 780nm, 25% 810nm
  • These deep red and near IR wavelengths represent a spectrum that mimics key components of sunlight that make UV light safer. We use lower wavelengths than 850nm to focus absorption at the skin since UV does not penetrate very far.
  • Estimated to generate ~1000 IU minimum vitamin D3 in 30 seconds in type II skin.
  • Does not replace IRONFORGE since you really would not want to focus on one particular area with this thing.


User Manual


We used to have a non-pro version given how expensive UV LEDs are, with a third of the power, but we decided to discontinue it and simply sell the Pro version at the Standard price. We also increased UVB power by 40%


The safest UV light ever made and the first consumer wellness product to ever use a far UVB LED. The only UV LED vitamin D-Light ever commercialized. Now you don't have to have the tradeoff of the carcinogenicity of a fluorescent UVB bulb (e.g. Sperti) to get vitamin D. Possibly safer than sunlight itself. UVB leads to vitamin D and UVA leads to nitric oxide, both of which are critical to health, and seem to play a large role in COVID-19 outcomes. See the latest newsletter issue for more details on this product:


Key Details

  • Thick fused silica (UV transparent) cover plate
  • Easy to hold in hand
  • Ultra-rugged - 1 year warranty against defects or LED failure
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - 30 day return period
  • Width: 8.5cm Height: 8.5cm Length: 16cm | Weight < 1 kg
  • Power supply 110/120 and 220/240 V compatible
  • Power supply in hermetically sealed aluminum enclosure, separated from device by 10 ft cable (>>1000x lower magnetic fields compared to standard panels, best in class)


We use it sort of like a toothbrush for the whole body. Don't hold it in one spot for too long.


NEVER use without safety glasses. Clear safety glasses are fine for blocking non-coherent UV light in these quantities. For extra protection, also close your eyes whenever the device approaches your face. NEVER gaze or otherwise look into this light without eye protection. Safety glasses included.


Construction and Travel Case

  • Durable rubber power cable, no polyvinyl chloride / PVC
  • Polycarbonate cover plate over LEDs
  • Oversized socket-head Titanium M8 bolts
  • Steel guard over fans on back of heat sink
  • Includes hard plastic carry case


30 day no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee. We're confident you'll love the product within the first few weeks, and if you don't, you can send it back to us for a refund. Although we can't cover return shipping, we've had 0 returns so far!